Sunday, April 1, 2012

Form Preciousness

Surface Tension by nickwheeleroz
Surface Tension, a photo by nickwheeleroz on Flickr.

I have been on a blogging hiatus.

I have not, however, stopped writing in my head or in my heart or in the palm of my hand.

For 4 and a half precious hours this morning, I was engaged in form preciousness. Fully giving my attenion to each movement, activity, feeling and allowing each to be just as it is, including any anxiety or fear.

I sat in communion with God and my Dog this morning (a Divine anagram !). After lingering a bit in bed, I ground delicious coffee beans and made french press coffee. I talked for awhile to my sweetie, who made me laugh just being herself. I made breakfast and listened to a Tara Brach podcast. I did one of my non-dual practices for conflict. I changed sheets and washed my comforter. I did the dishes. I swept and dusted and mopped my entire apt -- giving each room my undivided attention. I walked the dog. Then walked myself and stopped to look at tulips and daffodils along my trek to pick up a variety of fresh produce. I took a steamy shower. I made lunch.

This is my IDEAL Sunday. Every sense stimulated while I luxuriated in every moment.

Everything that is allowed to exist, exists in light.

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