Sunday, January 22, 2012

I will be what I will be ...

~ daybreak ~ by ~Fussel~
~ daybreak ~, a photo by ~Fussel~ on Flickr.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.
Hebrew for: I am what I am.

Or, as my healing classmate translated for me, the "burning bush" moment when God asked Moses to lead His people [as God would have him] ...
"I will be what I will be."

After a week of wrestling with myself, I have landed on an intention -- my desire for change.

"I want to be in the Life that is here, including its uncertainty and unpleasantness, trusting that I am safe and secure in this awake Presence. I honor the voice of my wise interior who knows what she wants and needs. I can bear and experience Reality without poisoning anyone or keeping my story alive."

My dear friend received and healed me from a place that I was calling forth and she trusted what was here. She felt the luminosity of the threads of my poisoned ground, like a vapor, hovering around my deep places of wisdom and knowing. These threads simply needed to be gently turned.

An alive awareness to my woundedness, without being overtaken, allowing it to have its rightful place beside my desire for health, well-being, presence of mind ... I am calling the Awake. The marriage of the exiled and the free.

I will be what I will be ...

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